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And the best performance as a skull goes to… After years of hiding in the Thackery family house, Sid the skeleton is delighted to finally have his moment in the spotlight. He’s starring in a high school production of Hamlet. Well, not so much starring in as being a prop. At least part of him has a part—he’s using his head to play Yorick of “Alas, poor Yorick” fame. Every dAnd the best performance as a skull goes to… After years of hiding in the Thackery family house, Sid the skeleton is delighted to finally have his moment in the spotlight. He’s starring in a high school production of Hamlet. Well, not so much starring in as being a prop. At least part of him has a part—he’s using his head to play Yorick of “Alas, poor Yorick” fame. Every day, Georgia Thackery’s daughter, Madison, who’s also in the play, brings in his skull, and every night, she takes him home...Until one night when he’s accidentally left at school—and hears the sounds of someone being murdered. But the next day, there’s no body and no one seems to be missing.Sid is not a numbskull—he knows what he heard. Georgia thinks he imagined it—until a week later when a body is found. Now Georgia and Sid will both need to keep their heads as they stick their necks out and play sleuth to catch the conscience of a killer…...

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The Skeleton Takes a Bow Reviews

  • James
    2019-06-05 18:36

    4 stars to Leigh Perry's The Skeleton Takes a Bow, the second in her Family Skeleton cozy mystery series. With autumn beginning last week, I decided to focus my next few weeks on books with Halloween or Thanksgiving themes, beautiful fall scenery and the quaint, mysterious New England small town appeal. After also having a chance to connect with the author via social media, I moved up this book on my list and happily dived in over the weekend. Due to a little confusion surrounding the reveal at the end, I'd rate it somewhere between a 3.5 and a 4 -- but let's not focus on decimal points -- let's get into the review!StorySid is a skeleton who although murdered in human form many years ago is somehow still alive with an ability to walk and talk. He's lived with Georgia for about 30 years since she was around 5 years old, and only her parents, her sister and her daughter know about Sid. Sid and Madison (Georgia's daughter) take roles in her high school's upcoming Hamlet production which allows for Sid to sit out in the theatre without any concern. When he accidentally overhears a murder being committed, he enlists Georgia and Madison to find the killer before he strikes again. Georgia takes on a part-time SAP instructor role at the high school, in addition to her full-time role as an adjunct English professor at the local college, which both serve to help her meet potential suspects and determine possible motivations. Using the themes and plots from the Hamlet play, Georgia, Deborah (her sister), Madison and Sid draw out the killer but soon find one of their own in grave danger. In the end, the murderer is revealed and all goes back to normal -- as it should in a cozy mystery!StrengthsOne of the signs of a good author is an ability to push readers through their disbelief at some aspect of the plot and still enjoy the story; this is exactly what happens with a walking and talking skeleton in this book. While on the edge of fantasy (as I don't personally know of any real life skeletons who act like Sid), I never stop and think "this couldn't happen." Sid is so well written that he integrates into the plot and setting, and has relationships with other characters to the point of not recalling he isn't actually alive. He's likely to be everyone's favorite character given his humor and lot in life. When the writer can make that happen, the book is off to a good start.The setting and characters are really growing on me. I find the college atmosphere and the family life dramas very comfy and readable. There are characters who annoy me in a good way and there are characters I feel like I already know in person. The series is worth investing in given the possibilities of future stories, characters and drama. You'll find a few connections to different characters that make you feel part of the book, not just someone watching from afar.WeaknessesThe pacing in this mystery is generally good but the ending was slightly off. Throughout the story, you'll encounter several potential suspects and a few good red herrings. When you finally learn who the murderer(s) are, you play a waiting game to figure out was it really two people or was one of them just caught up in a situation not fully understanding what was happening -- good suspense; however, when the scene moves from the outing at the Hamlet play to the danger at the cabin, it happens "offscreen" due to the book's narration. I wasn't certain how the murderer(s) got from "this is bad, we have to take this person out" to which person actually wanted to kill the victim(s) to one of the suspects winking at Georgia over the whole situation. I think it could have been more clearly depicted so that you had a better sense of how both of the suspects fit into the overall actions. It would be more tightly woven and an easy 4 in my scale.Final ThoughtsIf you like the cozy, and you want something a little different than the norm, this is a fantastic read. Start with the first book and then read this one (they take about 3 to 5 hours depending on your readying style). If you haven't read a lot of cozies, and you're not looking for something with a little offbeat humor, then this isn't for you. I liked it a lot. I'm hopeful for two big things in the series' future direction: (1) Let's meet Georgia's parents. Who wouldn't be curious about two 60ish college professors who are on sabbatical for a year to work on other things... who just accepted the walking and talking skeleton in their 2 young daughter's lives, who seem to be highly respected. They've got to be kooky, loving and funny... and... (2) Let's learn more about Sid. While the first book covered who he was when he was fully alive, as a reader suspending my alarm over this fantasy component, I would like to know if he is the only skeleton out there, how is it he is still able to walk and talk, will he ever interact with other people or his own family, etc. I think there's more to this piece of the story and I hope the author goes there!About MeFor those new to me or my reviews... here's the scoop: I read A LOT. I write A LOT. And now I blog A LOT. First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at, where you'll also find TV & Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world. And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who/what/when/where and my pictures. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Vote in the poll and ratings. Thanks for stopping by. Note: All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them. Many thanks to their original creators.

  • leslye
    2019-06-12 12:32

    It's too bad Sid is fictional. I think I have a crush on a skeleton! :DKudos to the author for a unique, interesting cozy mystery. Leigh Perry actually makes a skeleton somehow seem believable, lol!

  • Trina (aNovelReader)
    2019-05-19 17:23

    Review coming soon.

  • Melodie
    2019-06-17 20:48

    These books are silly, but fun! Sid the skeleton is totally over the top, but you'll get more than a few laughs from this one!

  • Jessica Robbins
    2019-05-18 15:27

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  • Kevin
    2019-05-31 16:44

    I love this series so far, the heroine is terrific, her daughter is smart and geeky and Sid is perfect as Yorick. (view spoiler)[It was terrific the way the author weaved the murder accusation by Sid as "Yorick" into the play, just as Hamlet did. Also the warmer colder trick was well thought out, when every other mystery would use some tech trick, like tracking a phone ect. (hide spoiler)]

  • Karen
    2019-05-31 19:47

    If you have not yet read this series you need to add it to your to be read pile. While yes this is a paranormal cozy it doesn't read like one, in fact Sid, the Skeleton feels like such a real person. He is so much more then just a skeleton who walks and talks. He is a best friend and protector along with being a member of the family. He is funny and intuitive, curious and helpful. In this book Skeleton Takes A Bow, Sid is even an actor. There is no one quite like Sid, which makes him even more endearing. This is a family centered mystery series and in Skeleton Takes A Bow the mystery is very well written. Tugs at the heart strings a bit, gives you the warm and cozy feeling at the end and feels quite plausible given the circumstances. I think this is a brilliant series that started with Leigh Perry and Berkley but is moving to another publisher in October 2017 with A Skeleton Paints A Picture

  • Alice Liu
    2019-06-06 12:39

    Skeleton takes a bow finds adjunct professor Georgia Thackery even further immersed in the hell that is known as academia. When skeleton Sid overhears a murder at Madison's high school, Georgia enters the ego-stroking world of high school politics. The connections she makes, however, aren't all political...some are serendipidous and lead her down a dangerous path and towards a murderer. I love how Georgia is able to navigate in this cutthroat scholarly world, including dealing with the sharks that are the SAT parents. Raising her teen daughter, while simultaneously tending to Sid's increasing need to be in the world, gives Georgia a level of compassion and perspective that makes her easy to relate to. I look forward to more murderous fun and academic backstabbing in the next book.

  • Sallee
    2019-06-13 12:44

    This book was amusing in that what I feel is the most important character is Sid the skeleton. It seemed to me that the beginning was slow starting but then picked up speed in the story line. The idea of a skeleton as a sleuth and family member with Georgia Tucker, an adjunct professor and her daughter Madison, a high school student made this trio a treat.

  • Daniele
    2019-06-05 18:45

    Highly entertaining series with a creative concept - skeleton as a sidekick.

  • Debbie
    2019-06-12 16:20

    This is a fun series, sort of over the line, but who says a skeleton can't be alive?

  • Evelyn Wilson
    2019-06-08 12:46

    Strange to read about Sid but another mystery to be solved.

  • Debbie Lester
    2019-05-20 19:37

    Leigh Perry brings readers the second book in her Family Skeleton Mystery series, The Skeleton Takes a Bow. This series takes the old saying, "skeleton's in the closet' to a new level. Sid, the walking, talking skeleton is a remarkable character. Readers who take the time to embrace new ideas of what a character can and should be, will love this one! Perry's writing has paranormal elements, good old fashioned sleuthing and a wry sense of humor. This is a book and series readers won't soon forget!What I liked:There were several things that I liked about this book. The Skeleton Takes a Bow is the second in the series. Leigh Perry introduced Sid in the first book and described his relationship with Georgia. That's about all the background the reader needs to have in order to enjoy this book. It might be hard for some readers to adjust to Sid, the skeleton being a real character, but he is definitely the character that defines this series. I think Perry is really on to something with this idea. I wonder what other inanimate objects could possibly be characters? There is certainly tons of potential with this series and readers are in for a treat with Sid.In this particular book, Perry also uses one of my favorite Shakespearean plays, Hamlet. I thought this was a nice touch and a great nod to one of the greatest literary genius' of all time. Hamlet, also takes a bit of poetic license with characterizations. Using Sid to be Yorick's skull was a fantastic idea and I think it worked really well for this book. I was a little surprised that the story did not focus more on the production of the play, for the mystery aspects, but the SAT test ring was also a great plot line. The mystery itself was not what I expected but definitely believable and interesting. When Sid ends up at school overnight, he thinks he hears what could have been a murder. I liked the way Perry went about bringing Sid and Georgia into the investigation. It turns out that this mystery was about something totally different than the school's production of Hamlet. I liked the test ring plot because it was unusual and it fit with the idea that this is an unusual series. I like being surprised and this one really did that. What I didn't like:Georgia and Madison are wonderful characters, but they are a bit more secondary to the story. Sid is the star of the show and that is perhaps, not what what Perry originally envisioned. I think Sid was supposed to be more of a sidekick. That's not to say that this is bad, because I think Sid is amazing. It's one of those situations where the story just kind of takes over.Bottom Line:I like this series. It is certainly unusual and in the world of cozies that is a very good thing. I like the fact that Perry takes an inanimate object and makes him an amazing character. Sid is wonderful. There were a few hiccups here in there in the pacing of things and I wish that Georgia had a bigger role, but all in all, a good addition to the series.

  • Lesa
    2019-06-13 17:25

    After only two books, Leigh Perry's Family Skeleton mystery series has become one of my favorite series. The Thackerys may have an unusual family, but don't mess with any of them. If you mess with one, you mess with all of them. In The Skeleton Takes a Bow, the family love and humor are forefront in an enjoyable mystery.Sid, the family skeleton, and Georgia Thackery's daughter, Madison, hatch a plot to include Sid in one of Madison's high school activities, the production of Hamlet. They convince Georgia that Sid can play the part of Yorick's skull, going to school every day with Madison. And, Sid enjoys all the opportunities to eavesdrop on high school romances and schemes until the night Madison accidentally leaves him at school, and he overhears a murder. Despite Georgia's attempt to involve the police, they couldn't find evidence of murder at the high school. But, Georgia knows her best friend, Sid, wouldn't lie. And, Sid, Georgia and Madison team up to find a body and a killer.Perry skillfully weaves together Georgia's life as an adjunct professor, Madison's school life, family life, and a murder investigation. Yes, it's an unusual family, but it's charming. Here's a picture of "a homey scene. Madison curled up on the couch, Sid with his hands behind his skull and his feet up on the ottoman, and Byron gnawing happily on his bone with only the occasional longing look at Sid's femur. Admittedly, it was more Charles Addams than Norman Rockwell, but it was home." And, that unusual family, along with Georgia's gruff sister, Deborah, takes precautions to ensure everyone is safe, until one night when a crowd separates them. Then, they present one front.There's a complicated motive and background for murder in this appealing mystery. The Skeleton Takes a Bow deserves applause for its refreshing departure from the cozy mystery formula. The cast is an unusual family including a skeleton. There's a great deal of humor, often due to the long friendship between Georgia and Sid. And, there are loving family relationships rather than romance. Looking for charm, family, humor, and mystery? Look no further than Leigh Perry's The Skeleton Takes a Bow.Leigh Perry's website is

  • Dawn Michelle
    2019-05-18 15:44

    I really am enjoying this series; it is SO much fun and certainly keeps you guessing.

  • Fred
    2019-05-25 20:19

    Skeleton Takes A Bow is the second book in the A Family Skeleton Mystery series.No bones about it, but Sid once again has most of the good lines in this book.Georgia Thacker's daughter, Madison, has a role in her high schools production of Hamlet. Madison is able to convince her mother to let her take Sid's skull to school to use as a prop in the play. One day Madison forgets to bring Sid home and the next day he tells Georgia that he heard what he thinks was a murder in the schools auditorium. After an "anonymous" tip from Georgia the police find nothing at the school. Then when a body is found, it is a woman, but there does seem to be some connection to school. Georgia and Sid become to wonder if they the two are related. As Sid and Georgia investigate, they find that illegal activities surrounding the taking of SAT tests maybe at root of deaths. When Georgia is attacked in the school after parent meeting, they know they must be getting close and need come up with who the killer is before they strike again.All the characters are enjoyable and believable...well except for Sid. But Sid is the reason that I enjoy the series. Just suspend your thoughts about a what a skeleton can or cannot do and enjoy the series.Looking forward to seeing what Sid's flanges will be up to next. Oh and of course Georgia and Madison, too.

  • Mark Baker
    2019-05-26 18:35

    Georgia has reluctantly agreed to let Sid, her best friend the skeleton, star in the play at her daughter’s high school. Okay, star might be the wrong word since Sid’s skull is playing the part of Yorick in Hamlet. Either way, he’s excited to get out of the house. However, when he is accidently left at the school overnight, he hears a murder. With no body, the police won’t take Georgia seriously. Can Sid and Georgia track down the killer when they don’t know who the victim is?This is a fun dip into the light end of the paranormal spectrum since Sid is the only paranormal element in the book. The plot is different from a normal cozy, and as a result appears to wander a bit at the beginning, but the author uses all those elements in the end before bringing us to a logical climax. Meanwhile, the characters are fun, charming, and fully fleshed out. Yes, even Sid.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  • Michael Brown
    2019-06-08 18:43

    Forgot all about this one. This is a quirky series about a house full of educators at a small New England college who happen to have a live in skeleton. Sid the skeleton is a major player as one sister who does not live at home anymore has little interest in while the other one and her daughter just dote on the bag of bones. The parents accept the weirdness and in fact relish in it.With a spooky computer geek at their disposal 24/7 mysteries are easier to unravel as Sid just either digs into the web or can be taken places to snoop where humans are unaware of his presence. The plotting is some of the best as all the characters act very normal and are not overly snoopy in ways that make no sense. Of course Sid is a bit unorthod0x but he is the lure of the series.

  • Kelly
    2019-05-19 20:37

    A great addition to an amazing series. Seriously, I adore Sid and this series. It was so much fun to see how they solved the murder when there was no evidence that a murder even took place. There were a few parts that were laugh out loud funny, and I had to set the book down until I could stop laughing.

  • Aya
    2019-05-31 16:48

    A Skeleton Family Mystery: 2Set a few months after the previous book. Georgia's parents are still on vacation, so she, her daughter Madison, and Sid, are still house sitting. Author does a good job describing the trials and tribulations of being an adjunct professor as well as a single parent. Another solid mystery story.

  • Yvonne Taylor
    2019-06-16 19:26

    That Sid is one fun character!!! These books are GREAT

  • Jenni Schell
    2019-06-05 12:42

    Having enjoyed the first book in this series, I was really looking forward to this book coming out. I was NOT disappointed. What a great mystery. I hope Sid is back for more very soon.

  • Terrie Moran
    2019-06-13 17:34

    IYou can read my entire review on Criminal Element but I ended it with: "Every cozy lover will revel in The Skeleton Takes A Bow."

  • Pam
    2019-06-12 18:34

    Sid gets a part in the school play, Hamlet, as Yorick. Madison accidentally leaves Sid's skull at school and he witnesses a murder by hearing the players. Georgia leaves a tip on the hotline but the "wrong body" is found, unless there is a connection. Georgia, Sid, and Madison are determined to find out. Even Deborah gets in on the act when Georgia is threatened. The production of Hamlet reveals a killer, but Madison and Sid pay the price.

  • Roberta
    2019-05-26 14:35

    I read very few paranormal mysteries because the author often "cheats" allowing the detective to get information in ways (like being psychic or invisible, for example) that ruin the book for me. Sid has both abilities and limitations that still allow me to enjoy the story. Gotta say Leigh Perry has a handle on the politics that plague adjunct faculty as well as what apparently goes on at the high school level (I wasn't there long, thank goodness).

  • Kathryn Brown
    2019-06-04 13:41

    The most ridiculous crimefighting yet from a cozy mystery author. A cat? maybe. A mystical aunt? sure. But an animated family skeleton is just too far fetched for me. I kept reading because I was hoping for an explanation, but nope. And there was no explanation about the bizarre "bones as swearing" habit they all had. I didn't read the first one, but I shouldn't have had to to find out the explanation.

  • Helen
    2019-05-26 13:39

    The whole family Skeleton thing is pure fantasy, but I love the characters and the plots so far in this series. Some good development in the characters met in the first book occurs, and the plot, set in high school and college is realistic, apart from the skeleton's role, which adds fun to the story.

  • Cindy
    2019-05-24 13:31

    Entertaining read. Good strong follow-up to the first book. Recommended if you like light mysteries with some definite laughs along the way. Sid the skeleton is quite a talented collection of bones!

  • April
    2019-06-13 13:33

    I love this series. It's such a fun read and I really care about the characters. While reading this book, I couldn't WAIT for every moment I had to get back to it and enjoyed the feeling of looking forward to it. Those are the kinds of books I love to read! Very cute and fun read.

  • Scott L.
    2019-06-11 20:48

    Fun read. Not much of a mystery as I had the plot figured out about half way through the book. Still, the interactions between the characters (one of them being the skeleton of the title) was enjoyable. As a cozy, this book is good - just don’t expect a good mystery when reading it.