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Lily had a crush on her brother's best friend, Derek, for years - which led to their steamy night ten months ago in her bedroom. Now, she's off to college and she and Derek are still going strong. However, when school starts, Lily realizes it's hard to maintain a relationship, while also trying to live her own life. She and Derek find themselves falling apart and she has nLily had a crush on her brother's best friend, Derek, for years - which led to their steamy night ten months ago in her bedroom. Now, she's off to college and she and Derek are still going strong. However, when school starts, Lily realizes it's hard to maintain a relationship, while also trying to live her own life. She and Derek find themselves falling apart and she has no idea where to turn.Enter Jack. Everything about him is wrong for Lily and she knows it, but she can't stop herself from being attracted to him. When things implode with Derek, it's Jack who's there to pick up the pieces - and to show Lily an entirely new set of experiences she didn't know she was missing.Of course, Jack has his own problems and once Lily gets to know him better, she starts to wonder if she can handle all of Jack. When Derek reappears on the scene, Lily is forced to decide between two guys and herself. Can she find herself without losing the people who matter in the process?...

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forget me not Reviews

  • Sara
    2019-04-24 19:59

    *********This review will have spoilers!!! Continue reading at your own risk!!!******Oh holy fuck where do I start? It started off good. Lily had been crushing on her brothers BFF Derek for years. Finally, on her 18th birthday, they get it on. She was a senior is high school and Derek and her brother Jon were freshman in college. Fast forward 10 months and Lily is heading off to a different college, only an hour away from Derek. There promises to visit every weekend. Derek and lily are hot together and screw like rabbits. And they are so crazy in love. Once she gets to college this girl turns loonie! She's missing Derek, worried about Derek, wonders if he's cheating or missing her as much as she does him. If he misses calling her, watch the fuck out, she's throwing a fit. She acts so irrational. She meets Jack, bad boy of course. He says some flirty things, her panties get wet, but she always says she's got a boyfriend. Well, that is until her next tantrum. Now, Derek was Lilys "first". Derek is living life, going to school and Lily starts thinking he's cheating with one of his "girl" friends. She decided they should have a break, but not break up. She gets even more insecure when he doesn't make it for her bday and accuses him of cheating. Tells him to fuck off and throws her phone to the wall. She goes out, starts to drink (how when she's not even 21??) and runs into Jack. She lets jack take her outside and fuck her up against a brick wall. Then goes home with him where she's handcuffed, blindfolded, and ball gagged. And fucked HARD. Jack says, hey I'm a no good piece of shit who will only fuck you. See you tomorrow. So she has no contact with Derek who never said it was over. Continues some random sex with Jack. Engages in a threesome that he set up with his fuck buddy Alana, as a birthday present. Uh. Random?? She falls for said bad boy, who's only messed up claim to fame is that his dad is in prison for killing his druggy crazy mom. She continues fucking Jack. Derek shows up because in his mind, they didn't break up. She freaks out, says she doesn't love him the same anymore. She met someone else and really likes him. Derek is like " Really, it's been a week". He declares his love, says he's has never cheated but even though she screwed someone else he wants to work it out. Knock knock. Hello Jack! Yes jack shows up and she runs out of the dorm room. They chase her. She says she doesn't pick either of them because she doesn't know who she is anymore. Jack walks away and she officially dumps Derek. A month later she talks with Alana who admits she loves Jack, but admits that she can see Jack loves Lily. See Alana initially told Lily jack is not a boyfriend kind of guy. But now, she's changed her mind. She goes to Jack, admits she loves him and he takes her back on the condition they don't have sex. What? They fuck like pornstars before, but now he wants her to be his girl and no sex. So, they date, love each other. Finally have sex again. Derek moves on. End of story. Did I miss anything? Oh yes, i missed out on a good fucking story! This was all over the place and cheesy as hell!

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2019-05-02 22:12

    Buddy Read with my BBB Sara! Um....DNF at 41%.....There really are no words....this was a HOT MESS! The sex felt forced and the dialogue was beyond cheesy. Lily is starting her freshman year of college. Her boyfriend, Derek goes to school an hour away. Lily can hardly function with him being gone. She's trying to fit in with the college life but can't seem to do so being homesick and missing Derek. So...she decides they need "a break".They don't talk for weeks. In the meantime, Lily continues to literally run into Jack all over campus. Jack is an ass. They stereotype each other--she's the spoiled princess, he's the bad boy biker. Now it's Lily's birthday and she decides to call Derek and see if he's still planning to take her out. Well, he wasn't. So Lily flips her shit and turns in to crazy psycho jealous girlfriend....Lily runs into Jack, yet again (how convenient). He takes her away, proceeds to get her drunk, and then takes her against the wall outside of the bar. He comes, she doesn't. Lily is apparently okay with this....because she decides to go back to his apartment with him for more awesome sex. Jack proceeds to tell Lily "you're not such a sweet, innocent princess, are you? No. You're my dirty little whore." And...Frankly, Derek was the only character with any redeeming qualities and she dumped him. Moving on.....

  • Sonnie Jo
    2019-05-17 18:07

    Spolier!!!!!I won this book through the Giveaways. This would be the first one that I got that I loved. It was hard to put down. And I dont normally like college romance stories. I thought it had a very good story line. And I loved that she ended up with the bad boy!!!! I look forward to more from this author. :)

  • Nadine
    2019-05-05 21:48

    Sorry this one was a fail for me. It really does pain me to give books such a low rating, but I could not give this one more than 1 star. I think maybe if the author had set up the storyline differently or added more to it, than I could have rated it higher. As it is the whole story takes place in a matter of months. We open with what is a perfect couple in love. I got no sense of strain or awkwardness in their relationship. Quickly, into the story however the main character, Lily, completely changes and left me dumbfounded as to where that person came from. I don't agree with the synopsis of this book. I think it's off. "She and Derek find themselves falling apart and Lily has no idea where to turn." No, they're not falling apart, Lily in my opinion goes off the deep end. Like seriously off the deep end. First off I have to point out there is a novella before this book. It's about Lily and Derek getting together. She has crushed on and lusted after him, her brother's best friend, since she was in the eighth grade. He's a year older than her. Finally the weekend of her 18th birthday they get together.Fast forward to this book. It's been 10 months and they're going strong. She loves and adores him and he feels the same. She's starting her first year of college. She decided to go to a separate college from him and her brother. He's there helping her get moved into her dorm and promises to come up every weekend to see her. Keep in mind his college is only an hour away.Okay here is where the story takes a dive for me. So after the FIRST week of school she becomes this whiny, neurotic thing who even reprimands herself for being this way, but does nothing to reign it in. She has numerous tantrums and meltdowns. Lily comes across as an insecure, jealous harpy.Lily decided they need a break; not break up, just take some time to themselves. One month exactly. She has no contact with him whatsoever. Just before the month break is up her birthday comes up. Thinking that surely he plans on seeing her cause it's her birthday and all, she finally calls him to ask where he's taking her. Of course he has other plans. It's the last match for his Rugby team, but he promises to make it up to her. Just insert the meltdown of all meltdowns here. She basically ends the call with her thinking they broke up.Needing to escape she runs into Jack, the bad boy. I really don't get what makes him a bad boy. His mom was a drug addict and his father is in prison. He doesn't do relationships and likes kink with his sex. That's it. Anyway, she runs into him for the 4th time so far and takes him up on his offer to get away. After a night of drinking and sex in the alley, he takes her back to his dorm room where he fucks her like a dirty whore (I think he calls her that too). When he's done he shows her the door, but welcomes her back for more the next day. Now her boyfriend has no clue they broke up and thinks they're still together. He emails her and leaves her messages. The guy shows up only for her to tell him she doesn't love him like that anymore. She ends up breaking up with him completely. And of course in the end it's bad boy she ends up with.I just don't get the events that played out. Again, we get no glimpse of any problems in their relationship. It's basically all her. Maybe if the author had taken the time to show us things just weren't working for them it could have been more believable. But the storyline was rushed and Lily came off as crazy. It was like a Good Girls Gone Bad thing.

  • Bridger Bitches
    2019-05-03 23:09

    Okay, so I let me start by saying… WOW! This book was nice and steamy!!! I LOVED Lily in this story!! The way she spent her time trying to find herself was so amazing! Derek was not a bad guy to me at all… but seriously, Jack… WOW?!? Not only did he intensify hotness of this book, but he was also SO needed in Lilys story of finding herself and who and what she wanted out to life. Anyone who has ever struggled to find what they want in life can relate to what Lily goes through and the struggles she faces day to day. Sarah did an amazing job and showing that not only was Lily trying to become someone new, she was also missing home and not wanting to forget that part of her life. I made one mistake with this book… I read it while during lunch time at the office. It is a little too hot to read in the workplace. I had employees wondering why my office door was closed, and why when they did come in I would blush! This book is not only about hot sex though, and that is what is great! It was also a great romance story! AMAZING STORY… WRITTEN AMAZINGLY. I give this story 5 stars, I will definitely be reading it again and will probably blush just as much!

  • Braxton Cole
    2019-05-16 19:14

    In Forget Me Not, Sarah Daltry does it again. She creates an true to life college experience, complete with an uncertain, confused, yet passionate teenage girl, and the boys who try to be the man she wants. The writing is crisp, the editing top notch, and the sex scenes are spot on.The main character, Lily, is 18 at the start of the novel. She's starting her first year of college and she decided to go a different school than her boyfriend Derek. Yes, she loves him, but she wants to have her own college experience, not his.Unfortunately, that's harder than it sounds. Lily is depressed and lonely and not quite sure how to break out of that cycle while still obsessing about Derek. She asks for a break which soon turns into a break up. Enter Jack.Jack is the perfect bad boy. He's rough in all the right places, but when it comes to Lily, all he really wants is a chance to show her the man he could be if given the chance.And, as an added bonus, Sarah adds in a ton of smoking hot college sex. College is the time when 'anything goes' and Sarah definitely took advantage of that!If you want to find out if Lily picks Jack or Derek, you're going to have to pick up your own copy of Forget Me Not. I recommend you do it now!

  • J.A. Melville
    2019-05-09 15:57

    I loved Forget Me Not. It was a great read, full of hot sex which I'm always partial too and good characters. I'm a Jack gal, that's for sure.

  • Sandra Love
    2019-04-23 20:03

    Love love love this book. Story line and characters awesome. I finished it in one day. A must read. Great job Sarah.

  • Hanife
    2019-05-17 17:14

    Rating; 3.5/5 Bu yorum Blog Tur kapsamında Jack'e göre Lilly şımartılmış bir zengin züppe. İlişkilerin sadece sekse dayalı olmasına razı oldukça. En azından onu tanıyana kadar...Lilly'e göreyse Jack terk edilmesinin acısını dindirmesine çok ihtiyaç duyduğu bir dikkat dağınıklığı. Adam ona uzun zamandır edindiği fantazilerini nasıl hayata geçireceğini öğretiyor. Ama sadece arzu herşey için yeterli olabilir mi?Jack'in Lilly'e erkek arkadaşlık yapması oldukça tatlıydı. Onun için bir ilk olduğundan napacağını bilemese de bu konuda elinden gelen yapması çok hoştu. Ama Derek Lilly'le aralarını düzeltmek için geldiğinde cidden üzüldüm. Zorlu bir duruma düşmüştü. Derek futbol oyuncusu, zengin, yakışıklı biriyken kendi fakir, kötü alışkanlıkları ondanda kötü geçmişi olan biri.Jackleyken Lilly'den biraz hoşlanmaya başlamıştım. Değişmeye daha olgunlamaya başlamıştı. Olaylar kötüleştiğinde iki adamıda hayatından atma fikri bence en doğru karardı. Aşk üçgeninin ortasında kalıpta mantıklı davranan bir karakter görmek samanda iğne aramak kadar zor! Olayların geliştiği yönden oldukça memnunum. Onlarda bende sonunda erdik muradımıza.:)

  • Monique Machuca-Austin
    2019-05-06 17:12

    AMAZING…AMAZING….AMAZING!Forget Me Not is an erotic romance about Lily going away to attend her first year of college. She decides to attend a different college than her brother, Jon, and her boyfriend and Jon’s best friend, Derek. Jon and Derek are attending their second year at a state college, but Lily wanted her independence and was able to obtain a scholarship for another neighboring college.Lily has loved Derek ever since she was in eighth grade and now has been dating him for the past ten months, though now both college students Lily is struggling with her emotions. She feels alone, depress, and a little home sick, so finds herself leaning on her friends and immersing herself in her studies at school to get her through her next visits with Derek. Unfortunately, with both involved with the school activities and studies, they find themselves taking a break from each other to focus. Lily meets Jack on several occasions, because literally keeps running into him. Jack is the badass tattooed boy with panty dropper smile and smart-ass mouth. Jack not only now what buttons to push with Lily to get her upset, but also is very persistent in letting her know where she can find him when she is ready for him – arrogant man!Lily surprises Jack by understanding him as an individual prior to judging based on his appearance and she discovers he has many broken pieces in his life. Jack also finds himself thinking differently about Lily and maybe of the possibilities that he could have a princess of his own, but struggles with his dark world. Whom will Lily decide to keep in her life, Derek, Jack, or will it be both men? Will the separation between Lily and Derek be too much? Will Jack use Lily only to hurt her or will she hurt Jack instead? Forget Me Not is a BEAUTIFUL EROTIC LOVE STORY that will capture your attention immediately and will be unable to put the book down. While reading, you will find yourself on an INTENSE emotional roller coaster experiencing many emotions. There is a prequel in the series called Her Brother’s Best Friend, which tells the story on how Lily and Derek relationship commence. Forget Me Not is Sarah Daltry’s second novel in the Flowering series and she will be soon releasing a third novel in the Flowering series, Lily of the Valley, which will tell Jack’s point of view.I rate Sarah Daltry’s novel in the Flowering series, Forget Me Not - 5 AMAZING STARS!

  • C.S.
    2019-05-22 17:59

    I don't really read much New Adult books. Maybe it's because I am unable to relate due to my past, but this was a really good book.The main character, Lily, was off to her first year of college and everything that entails. She has a roommate who likes her, who introduces her to a group that invites her right on in, but she misses her boyfriend something terrible. Derek goes to a different school and she doesn't get to see him often, which makes her depressed.She meets Jack while waiting for Derek to finish taking a shower on one of his visits and even though she doesn't want to find him attractive, she does. He is intriguing and ends up running into him over and over again. He always tells her his door is open if she ever wants to satisfy her curiosity.Well, things with Derek come to a head and they 'take a break' in which Lily ends up spending time with her friends, doing school, and of course, Jack. But then, Derek forgets that he promised Lily he'd spend her birthday weekend with her, because they were taking a break and Lily flips out. As much as I think that's immature, it's also what a girl her age would probably do quite honestly. She considers them broken up when she hangs up on him and that's that.She ends up running into Jack, who takes her out and gets her a drink or two...and they end up having sex. On and on the book goes until finally, Derek comes and goes wtf? We were just taking a break!I won't give away the ending but I really enjoyed the differences between Derek and Jack. And I think in the end, she chose the right one. I didn't like how the story ended on a piece of dialogue though. I'd really like to have met Jack's family, and witness Lily's family meeting him, but maybe there is more? ^.^ Either way...the sex scenes were hot! :)

  • Irene
    2019-05-08 17:54

    After reading Forget me not..I wonder why didn't I got to college?? I loved it. I couldn't put it down. Hot sex and drama a nice combination.Lily is off to college alone. Her boyfriend Derek is away at a college close by. As her first week goes by Lily finds herself homesick, missing Derek and just doesn't seem to fit in. As her and Derek's anniversary approaches she is all excited to see Derek. But Derek can't make it. He is busy with school and sports. See he wanted to do things to pass the time and even though Lily said it was fine it really wasn't. They end up fighting and Lily is so distraught she runs into Jack. All I have to say about Jack is OMG reall!!Lily and Jack have the best sex of her young life. She experiments with him and finds out her sex life with Derek wasn't really what she thought it was. Lets just say what you do experiment in College LOL!There is drama only because Lily makes it herself. She doesn't know if she wants Jack or Derek. She knew Derek since she was a kid. She loves him, but she loves Jack to. Who does she choose? How does it all play out? What kind of experimenting did she do? All these questions can be answered when you read this book. I mean really go grab your copy. It is on sale for .99 cents until July 31, 2013.

  • T.A. McKay
    2019-05-19 17:11

    I have to admit I totally didn't know what to expect when I picked up this book. I had seen a lot about it on Facebook so thought I would give it a try. And I have to say I am glad I did! To start with I thought this was going to be about sex....but I am not saying that it would have been a bad thing!! I do like my erotica! It did start out hot and steamy but you know what, it changed very quickly into a finding yourself coming of age type book. Now it did still have some damn fine sexy bits in it but it also had more....I had emotions and problems and relationships. I loved the developing relationship between Chloe and Jack, and the way that Chloe took time to find herself and didn't let a man determine who she was. I loved Jacks character....he was a douche but what was hidden behind that was a great guy! All in all I think everyone would actually enjoy this book so you need to add it to your tbr list! <3

  • Katherine
    2019-05-14 14:52

    This was unexpectedly good. I had low expectations, especially because Lily's nagging in the beginning was like nails on a chalkboard! And her little jealousy fits were driving me insane. Jack was much needed in her life, and in the book! It was an intense triangle, and I loved the writing, I was hooked immediately. My Lily & Jack.

  • Danni
    2019-04-27 23:09

    Surprisingly I liked it and I actually like Lily. I definitely know how it feels to not know what you want sometimes and be lost and confused. And the sex scenes did not leave me disappointed at all!! But the ending fell a little flat for me I wanted more. Hopefully in the next book the ending gives us more I would love to see how Lily life's ends with the guy she picked in book one(have to read to figure out who it is)!Derek is a really likable character I was thinking he was going to be a asshat but he wasn't and Jake was that that pretty piece you see sitting there and you know you shouldn't touch but you just can't help yourself so you do and now you must buy it that's Jake!!

  • Rachel Raithby
    2019-05-14 15:00

    Wow was this book hot!! I found the first few chapters a bit slow, I think it's because I found Derrick and Lily really irritating but then comes Jack... Oh Jack!!I loved Jack! He was so damaged and a master mind in bed!! Maybe I'm just a sucker for the damaged bad boy but for me this story really took off once Lily got with Jack.Sarah writes a good following story with hot steamy scenes but this story also focuses on the normal ordinary problems a girl might have when moving away to college.I would def recommend this one and I can't wait for the next in the series, the ending of this book was so good and heart breaking, poor Jack I'll take you home and be your family he he!

  • Marina Skinner
    2019-05-12 22:05

    What an awesome Book!!I loved it! Cannot wait for more! Sarah you have certainly written a great HOT book!!

  • Blue
    2019-05-20 18:13


  • Laura (Blame it on the Rain Reviews)
    2019-05-17 18:50

    FOR MORE REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE, CHECK OUT MY BLOG ~ BLAME IT ON THE RAIN REVIEWSWOW! HOLY HOTNESS! I thought I was going to combust while reading some of the scenes in this book! It was beyond hot, with in depth descriptions, which put GRAPHIC images in my head, Sarah Daltry, you know how to write erotica!After leaving for college, Lily very quickly begins to see the cracks start to emerge with her boyfriend as clearly, long distance just isn’t working for them. So when the guy who lives in her dorm, Jack offers her some comfort one night, she doesn’t want to say no. However, with things still unresolved with her boyfriend, Lily finds herself caught between two guys, one who has been her best friend her whole life, and one who is just starting to open up to her like he does no one else.Ugh! I hate to say it but Lily really pissed me off in this book! So over dramatic and whiney, her theatrics surrounding her boyfriend Derek were exhausting and constantly had me rolling my eyes. She was completely over possessive and clingy, thinking about him all the time, to the point were she wouldn’t give the people who were trying to be her friends any real time of day. Although I think the way he was acting wasn’t the best considering he was her boyfriend, who could blame him when she was acting the way that she was!This only became more and more prominent for me as the story went on as she pushes Jack to open up to her but then questions if she can accept what he tells her. Then when everything comes to a head and she has to choose between the two guys, she pushes them both away acting as if, because of them, she can’t find herself. The situation with Jack especially annoyed me as he didn’t come to her, she came to him and yet she is pushing him away so she can figure things out! To me she just came across as a little spoilt, used to things going her way, with a pretty perfect life! She was selfish as she was constantly thinking about her feelings when it came to both Jack and Derek and didn’t really stop to think about others!“I’m a broken mess, Lily. I can’t be your Prince Charming.”I loved Jack in this book! Although he came across as a serious bad boy, riding a motorcycle, smoking and sleeping around, when he finally opens up to Lily and lets all his vulnerabilities show, he is like a different guy. Although he’s not sure exactly what he wants with her, he is willing to change, to be better and make an effort for her. It was because of that that she pissed me off so much, being unsure about him and pushing him away!It would have been nice to get his point of view on certain parts as although its clear that he likes Lily, it seems awful sudden that he decides to open up to her, going from having sex with her and asking her to leave, to telling her about his past and wanting to spend time with her. I would like to know when his feelings developed and at what point the change happened for him.“Don’t fall for me, princess,” he pleads, but it’s too late.This book was one of the hottest I have read in ages! With extremely graphic sex scenes, when Lily finally gives in and starts a sexual relationship with Jack, she is determined to try new things, and this leads to some serious smut, but the very best kind! Going from being with only one guy to trying a threesome, Lily wants Jack to teach her new things and is open to letting him try anything. This really showed another side to Lily as although she came across, to me, a naive ‘Princess’ at times, when it came to sex, she wanted her eyes to be opened.Overall I really liked this book, the story sucked me in and the sex scenes left me wanting more. However, the main character Lily. really annoyed me all through the book which made it difficult for me to root for her, making me like it a little less! Saying that I would still recommend it and will definitely be reading another book by this author in the future!3.5 stars!

  • Chasity Breeze
    2019-04-23 18:54

    Forget Me Not is a wonderfully written erotic romance that kept me begging for more with each page more exciting than the last. Sarah never ceases to amaze me with her vivid imagination and the ability she has for placing her reader’s right there in the passages with her characters, seeing them with such clarity and emotional responsiveness.In the beginning of the book, Lily is struggling to get through her first week of college. Her boyfriend, Derek, with whom she’s been madly in love with for most of her life, and happens to be her brother’s best friend, is an hour away at a different school at Lily’s request. Derek comes to visit a few times and things are great between them…especially the hot sex, which they have often. But, when Derek becomes more involved with school, his visits grow fewer and things become uncomfortable between them.Feeling alone without Derek and her family close at hand, Lily begins to fall into a depression. She begins to think things between her and Derek are falling apart and has no one to turn to.Then comes Jack, the bad boy type who is rude and obnoxious from the first moment they meet. All of his arrogance and bantering aside, she found him annoyingly appealing and when things began going south with Derek, Jack was the one who was there to pick up the pieces of her heart that had been shattered by the one person she thought would always be there for her.Jack’s carrying a lot of baggage that he doesn’t want Lily to ever see, but her persistence and surprisingly caring nature draws him to her and he has no choice but to open up to her, something he’s never done with anyone else.Although she knows he is all wrong for her, becoming close to Jack has helped Lily cope with her troubles, both with school and with Derek. She soon falls in love with Jack and he with her. Just when Lily was sorting things out and happiness found her again, Derek returns, wanting Lily back. Confused of her feelings for both, she distances herself from them to find some sort of sanity in all of this chaos. Will she choose her first love over the one who changed her life? Or will she choose the bad boy over the sweet and perfectly stable Derek?I won’t spoil the outcome for you, but I will tell you this…the emotions run deep, yes, but the sex…holy hotness! Such eloquently detailed depictions of erotic liaisons left me hot and bothered with each session. And, believe me, there are a lot of steamy sessions between Lily and both of her beaus. To have that much sex inserted into a truly interesting and exciting plot is not an easy task. Sarah has done it with grace and style.I highly recommend this book and be sure to read its prequel, “Her Brother’s Best Friend”. I’m anxious for the third book in this series, “Lily of the Valley”, to be released as I will devour it the day it is first available.Kudos to you, Sarah, for yet another hot and sexy erotic romance! You’ve got yourself a loyal fan with me!FIVE STARS!!~CB

  • Laura Greenwood
    2019-05-22 18:05

    Review and blog tour coming shortly on http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live...I received a copy of Forget Me Not in exchange for my review as part of this blog tour.Lily and Derek have been dating for nearly a year, and they both think that their relationship is almost perfect. But then Lily moves to college, and suddenly things don't seem as perfect as they could be. Then Jack comes along, and he is the complete opposite of Derek, he's sexy, broken and mysterious, and despite her best intentions, Lily is instantly attracted to him. Then after one argument too many with Derek, Lily finds herself in Jack's arms and in his bed, spending a week in the most intense pleasure she has ever known. But who is best for her in the end? Her brother's best friend, Derek, or the troubled Jack, and how will she choose between them.Forget Me Not is not a story intended for younger readers, it contains strong language and scenes of a sexually explicit nature, including descriptions of threesomes and light bondage.I will admit that Forget Me Not was not quite what I expected, from the blurb I was expecting a sweet, coming of age story, and instead it is much more realistic to what starting college is like. I actually found that Lily was very relateable, having been in a similar situation to her, albeit starting university instead of college, with a boyfriend who consumed all my time, and no friends, meant that her experiences really struck a cord with me.This meant that despite the sex, her character developed well, she gained more friends, more confidence and more independence, and I suspect that any girl who has been through the beginning of college or uni would be able to sympathise and relate to Lily. There was a quote early on in the book that I read and just thought; 'wow, that sums the experience up perfectly.'No one tells you when you start school how homesick you will be, or how hard it will be to start life over with no direction and no friends or family. No one says that becoming your own person is terrifying. To me even the sex was relateable, as in the idea behind it. I'm pretty convinced that most people have that person in their past that opens their eyes to sex, and makes you feel more confident through it, and that is what Jack was to Lily, meaning that yet again the characters seemed really real.Even though there seemed to be a large focus on the sex, there were also some particularly sweet moments between the characters, and serious moments about young relationships and young love.All in all, I really enjoyed Forget Me Not, it might even have changed my mind about contemporary romance and encourage me to give more of it a go!Additional note: Having finished Forget Me Not about an hour ago, and thinking on it, I really wish that I could go home and read it some more. The characters, particularly Lily, engaged me and drew me in so much that all I want to do is read more about their lives and loves. And to me that is part of what makes a good read!

  • Airicka Phoenix
    2019-04-24 21:16

    I was given this novel in return for an honest review.If you're looking for a fun, sweet read, you've picked up the wrong book. This book is literally a rusty dagger in the heart, one that twists and turns with every page. I don't think any of the characters in this book are actually whole. They all have some type of issue. They were all broken in some way.Jack is a troubled, troubled boy. He not only has daddy issues, but mommy, grandmother, girlfriend, alcohol and so much more issues. Reading through his mind, I couldn't believe he could even function properly. Then there was Alana. I did not like her. Not one bit. I understood the things she went through her entire life and that she was more broken then even Jack, but gah! I wanted to slap her. She was such a bad influence for Jack, even while she was his crutch to keep it together. As best friends went, they are two people I wish would separate for good.Lily, I haven't read Lily's story as Forget Me Not is from Jack's POV only so we don't really know what Lily's thinking or feeling. I know she has another story of her and Derek, but I haven't read it yet. Lily is a little too perfect, but maybe that's because Jack thinks the world and moon of her. I wish we were told a little more about what happened between her and Derek to make her assume they'd broken up. I also would have liked to know why she didn't wait a little longer than a few hours before jumping into bed with another guy. I mean, she says herself she and Derek had been together for a year, but had known each other for much longer, since they were kids, yet she assumes at some point they are no longer together and sleeps with Jack. I want to know why and how that happened. I think that was the only thing that bothered me most about this book. There was so much happening on Lily's side that we did not get the chance to see.There was sex. Lots. And Lots. And Lots of sex. Jack proved beyond a measure of doubt that he had the stamina to please a woman all night long and well into the week with very little rest. I personally didn't care for the steamy parts, although they were very well written. My favorite part was the author's voice. She has a powerful, unique voice. She draws the reader in, she makes them feel everything the characters are feeling. She knows how to keep her readers addicted to the pages so you can't help but want to know what happens next.Overall, it was an interesting read. I recommend this for anyone who likes strong angst with a heavy dose of erotica.

  • Zita Martin
    2019-05-16 21:52

    Review: I am letting all know that I really dont read this kind of book. I just can not get into the whole college stories. There is only so much you can write about going to college. I read books to get away from real life. I guess you can call it Excapism. I want to be apart of someone else’s life. Something totally different from mine. College stories dont do that for me.Well, until this one! I can not believe that this is a college story! I decided to try this book out because I love the author. I will do a lot for my favorite authors! I was happy that this book was not boring.The story line worked very well through out the book. It had the right amount of ups and downs in it to make sure the reader was not bored. I love the characters, I fell in love with them. Lily was a great person to follow through her story. I could relate to her very well. Jack was amazing character. What he said was what I expected his character would say. He talked just the right amount for his character. I also loved the ‘bad boy’ vibes he was putting off through out the book. It still makes me wonder why we crave the ones that treat us like we are trash they have to take out and dont want to? Yet, some males thinks it is okay to do this all of the time thinking that will attract females.This is my favorite quote in the book. It explains the whole book. Why we love. Why we get into a relationship.“It’s so strange. I shouldn’t even like him. Derek is everything I should want. Everything I did want. When did I become this girl who wants to make things so difficult?” Kristen smiles. “It’s not difficult. You’re just telling yourself it is. You’re thinking too much about what you should want and not enough about what you do.” “But why? Jack and me? We’re nothing alike. How did I fall for him?” “Hell, Lily, does anyone know why they fall for the person they do? I mean, look at me. Why do I like Lyle? Neither of us is capable of holding a conversation with the other. We’re both awkward as hell. When we’re alone together, we stare in opposite directions and he won’t touch me. Since it became obvious to apparently everyone else that we’re a thing, we haven’t said more than two sentences to each other. Yet I can’t stop thinking about him.5 StarsAuthor Website:

  • Lucinda Claire
    2019-04-30 17:07

    “Forget Me Not” picks up ten months after “Her Brother’s Best Friend” leaves off. Lily is going away to college, and she has intentionally chosen to attend a one that’s more than an hour away from where her brother and his best friend (her boyfriend, Derek) attend. Lily loves Derek. She’s loved him since the eighth grade, and since her birthday ten months ago when they hooked up for the first time, she and Derek have been a couple. But is their relationship strong enough to withstand the pressures of college, of separation, and of growing up?On her own for the first time in her life, Lily is struggling with making new friends. Her whole identity has been connected to her family and to Derek – the only boy she’s ever been with, and the only one she’s ever loved. As she attempts to balance academics with the distraction of missing Derek, Lily begins to wonder if there’s more to her than merely meeting the expectations of others. Then one afternoon Lily meets Jack. Jack is obnoxious, and rude, and breathtakingly handsome. But Lily loves Derek. After all, they’ve known each other all of their lives, and Derek is cute and athletic and friendly, and he fits perfectly into her conservative life, with her conservative parents, in her conservative small town. Jack is altogether different. He is everything Derek is not – spiky haired, tattooed armbands, pierced eyebrow. Jack has attitude, and he plays in a rock band. He’s angry, and he’s mysterious, and he’s not at all like anyone Lily has ever met. And Jack has secrets, and a history that Lily isn’t prepared to face. “Forget Me Not” is not just another girl-who-can’t-make-up-her-mind-about-a-boy story. Sarah Daltry has written a beautiful coming-of-age novel. It explores the journey from adolescence to adulthood, and wrestles with the difficult issues of hurting others, of finding out who you are – not who people expect you to be – and of learning that the right decisions are sometimes the most difficult to make. It’s also a story of uncertainty, and of taking chances, and of having the courage to discover who you are and who you are truly meant to be.Sexually explicit scenes notwithstanding, this is a book for every young woman who is seeking the courage it takes to find her own answers.Four **** beautifully written stars.

  • Jessy
    2019-04-23 17:10

    When I first started the book I wasn't so sure if I was going to enjoy it because I'm not fond of the whiny, clingy girlfriend type. But I immediately was able to understand that we had to watch this in Lily's character. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to "see" the growth she goes through as an individual. I absolutely love a romance novel where someone is "broken". I don't know what that says about me, but even more important I love a novel that doesn't swoop in and fix our broken soul. Author Sarah Daltry didn't try to fix our Jack. He is broken and shattered and has had to live with a tragedy all his life. Something he can't seem to get past. Finding someone to accept him as he is, flaws and all, and still love him is something he never thought possible. When he runs into Lily he assumes she's just another spoiled princess that has never had hardships in her life. Although that may be fairly accurate, Jack forgets everyone has their own demons. Everyone has something they fear. Lily has began college life away from her family and boyfriend. She's sure it's everything she wanted until school actually starts and she's left feeling alone and isolated. What she doesn't see coming is that she's about to find herself and her identity may not be what she ever thought she imagined for herself, but it's what makes her feel complete and happy. I really enjoyed watching Lily grow into her own person and realize she didn't need a boy in her life to define who she is. I love that she goes through college and takes risks to fully understand who she is without anyone else's opinions. It's a hard thing to do at such a young age. Sarah Daltry wrote a love story with two people who just want to be loved for who they are and to be accepted for the baggage they carry. I loved, loved, loved these two together! The sex scenes were extremely seductive and spicy! These two reach a sensuality that gets down n diiiirty! They love to explore and reach new levels of ecstasy. Sarah Daltry sends you to this new level of erotica and she does it well! I give this book my thumbs up!

  • Wendy
    2019-04-26 23:15

    This is my first experience of a Sarah Daltry book, she sure gets to it quick, doesn’t she?Our first true love, we all remember our first love, crushing on each other, your first time together and then at it like bunnies whenever you get time alone. Well Lily and Derek certainly do that and I hadn’t got past page 11.This book was actually a story of self-discovery for Lily and although I don’t think she handled some situations very well, we are none of us perfect and as a young woman she was finding her way in life. This is an erotic read, with lots of steamy moments and once Jack arrives on the scene Ms Daltry amps up the steam to over 11. You may think that Lily practically threw herself at Jack all too quickly but I got the impression she was a little overwhelmed with his effect on her and got carried along in her need to forget her hurt & Derek. ‘He moves closer and already my body is responding. He smells like cigarettes and leather, two smells I never thought were sexy until now. I want to fall into his body, to be wrapped in his arms and I fight it. It’s wrong and it makes no sense. I have everything I could ever want. Jack is just a distraction.’He certainly is!Jack brings with him his own world of trouble, something Lily has never experienced in her all too girl next door life.“I don’t play well with others, Lily. I thought you got that.” “You certainly play well with me.” The words are out before I can stop them.If you are after a raw story with more sex than you can shake a stick at then this is going to be for you and I really hope we get to continue Lily’s story real soon.Sarah Daltry – the girl did good!

  • Annie
    2019-05-12 23:04

    3.5 Star Review by AnnieLily thinks she has everything she could ever want. She has the perfect life and the perfect boyfriend, Derek. Once she got into the college of her dreams she soon realizes that she doesn’t really know who she is. Everything she thought she wanted and thought she was, now seems wrong. She is starting to find out that Derek may be perfect, but just not perfect for her. It also doesn’t help that she keeps running into the motorcycle riding bad boy who lives in her dorm, Jack. Does Lily go with Mr. Perfect or the one she can’t get out of her mind?Jack is broken. His past prevents him from developing relationships. He doesn’t do the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. He only has sex with girls and leaves them. Everyone in his life has judged him, so when he meets Lily, she doesn’t seem to be like everyone else. She is willing to give him a chance, so in turn he gives her a chance. Can he let his walls down and let her in? Or does he block her from getting to close?This book sounded amazing. I truly wanted to love this book more than I did. While it was full of dirty sex, it lacked a major storyline. It was the typical love triangle. Girl loves boy, but once she goes to college they drift apart and she seeks solace in the bad boy. The characters were likeable and you could even relate to the way Lilly is searching to find herself. Forget Me Not was a fast, sexy read. I give it a 4 for the sex, but a 3 for the storyline. So my overall rating is a 3.5.

  • Kissandtellreviews
    2019-04-28 22:15

    A great story of a young girl finding herself. I was surprised at how much I did like this book, as I typically am not a big fan of college romances.Lily has been in love with her boyfriend, who is her brother's best friend, for forever. They have now been together for just under a year and she feels that he is it for her. She thinks life is perfect.But as Lily starts her first year of college, everything starts to change. Derek gets busy at his college, she starts discovering herself and doubting her feelings for Derek, and in the process meets Jack, the troubled bad boy.The book started a little slow but once it got going, I was completely caught up in it. I wasn't surprised that as she was struggling with working out the issues with Derek being at a different college, she turned to Jack. Early on I did feel the depth of her feelings for him was surprising for the limited time they had spent getting to know each other. But as you get to know Jack better, he is so easy to fall for and your heart aches for him the more you get to learn about him. The scenes with him were STEAMY!!! I enjoyed watching Lily grow and begin to fight for what she wants and go after it.There is much more to their stories and I can't wait to see where Sarah Daltry takes them next!! - Tynna

  • Tynna
    2019-05-17 21:00

    A great story of a young girl finding herself. I was surprised at how much I did like this book, as I typically am not a big fan of college romances.Lily has been in love with her boyfriend, who is her brother's best friend, for forever. They have now been together for just under a year and she feels that he is it for her. She thinks life is perfect.But as Lily starts her first year of college, everything starts to change. Derek gets busy at his college, she starts discovering herself and doubting her feelings for Derek, and in the process meets Jack, the troubled bad boy.The book started a little slow but once it got going, I was completely caught up in it. I wasn't surprised that as she was struggling with working out the issues with Derek being at a different college, she turned to Jack. Early on I did feel the depth of her feelings for him was surprising for the limited time they had spent getting to know each other. But as you get to know Jack better, he is so easy to fall for and your heart aches for him the more you get to learn about him. The scenes with him were STEAMY!!! I enjoyed watching Lily grow and begin to fight for what she wants and go after it.There is much more to their stories and I can't wait to see where Sarah Daltry takes them next!! - Tynna

  • The Hive
    2019-05-04 14:48

    Heather's ReviewWe follow along as Lily learns that finding herself as a freshman in her first semester in college can be harder than she imagined. This story lives up to it’s genre of romantic erotica fiction several times over. The writer, very ably, renders you speechless, whether it’s during Lily’s inner struggles trying to find her place with her new friends, her desire to experience more than her boyfriend is able to provide, or her homesickness as a new college student on her own. It’s a reasonably easy read and not in a bad way, but because you just get so caught up in Lily’s journey that before you realize it you’re half way through it and then all of a sudden you’re at the last page.This is probably my favorite line in the whole story, where Lily learns just what the last 4 months have actually taught her.My parents won’t be thrilled, but the one thing I’ve learned this semester is that this ismy life – and I need to do what makes me happy and what is right for me. And today,that’s Jack.One last thing, because this book is so good and very sexy at times, it’s probably not the kind of book you want to be reading in the breakroom at work or while the kids are in the room watching television, trust me on this one.Rating: 4 Honey Pots