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Polishing Jade is set in the 1960's in rural Mississippi where the secrets are as sticky as the jams sold at Taylor's General Store. Jade Gentry is a young girl whose past will not control her future even if it cost her everything. Gripping and suspenseful, Jade will leave you sighing when she sighs, running when she runs, and celebrating when she is triumphant! Meet an odPolishing Jade is set in the 1960's in rural Mississippi where the secrets are as sticky as the jams sold at Taylor's General Store. Jade Gentry is a young girl whose past will not control her future even if it cost her everything. Gripping and suspenseful, Jade will leave you sighing when she sighs, running when she runs, and celebrating when she is triumphant! Meet an odd cast of characters, including kindly Miss Ellen, a superstitious woman who plants corn in front of her living room window, Renee a peculiar woman who instinctively knows the deep hidden secrets of Jade, and a school teacher who begins the process of Polishing Jade....

Title : Polishing Jade
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Polishing Jade Reviews

  • Jess the Audiobookworm
    2019-05-20 18:44

    4.25 ★ Audiobook⎮ The Christian Lit. genre isn't something I normally gravitate towards, so I didn't really know what to expect from Polishing Jade. I'm glad that I knew it was a faith-based story when beginning it or I would have been rather taken aback at the prominent role religion played in the plot. It's not something heavily featured in most mainstream novels. I think the genre is important to keep in mind when reviewing this because there were several elements of the story that I might not have as readily accepted if this was supposed to be anything other than Christian Lit. The first 85% of the story could have possibly passed as mainstream contemporary fiction, but as the story drew to a close, the religious themes became more intensive. The underlying messages about teenage sex, pregnancy, and adoption didn't always sit well with me. While I understand and respect that these are valid viewpoints, they didn't completely harmonize with my beliefs. I think it's important for potential readers/listeners, especially those not accustomed to Christian fiction, to be prepared for the possibility that their opinions may be challenged.However, if I were to view this from the perspective of someone who greatly enjoys Christian literature, it would likely be seen as a heart-warming, "feel-good" story of faith and redemption. Jade was a very likable, relatable character. I was definitely rooting for her. This was an enjoyable story that was surprisingly light, especially considering the rather "heavy" themes discussed. It left me with the same sort of emotions I usually have after watching a Hallmark movie.Obviously, I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys Christian literature and faith-based stories. To anyone else, this story could be seen as having several "problematic" elements, but I won't go into those because the story was clearly intended for a certain audience and I believe that audience has a higher chance of appreciating the story than I did. To be clear: I liked it fine. It was a good story. I'm just not sure I'm capable of fully appreciating it the way it was intended, if that makes sense.Narration review: Felisha Caldeira absolutely embodied Jade Gentry. Felisha's voice, along with the cover model combined to give me an incredibly clear mental image of Jade as the protagonist. This was my first experience with Felisha as narrator and she definitely impressed me. I don't think I have ever heard another narrator with a voice like hers. I wasn't immediately sure that I would like it, but it soon became clear that her narration style fit the main character "to a T". Not only did it fit the character, but I also think it enhanced my understanding of her in a way that eloquently complemented the writing. Caldeira's Southern accent was soft, slow, and pleasing to the ear. Her character distinction was subtle and unobtrusive. I greatly enjoyed her performance! ♣︎➜ This audiobook was graciously gifted to me by its narrator, Felisha Caldeira, in exchange for a review containing my honest thoughts and opinions. Thanks, Felisha!

  • Crystal Ed
    2019-06-01 16:54

    It was a great book.. I did not put it down.

  • Trish
    2019-06-12 19:24

    "Stunning, beautiful, poignant coming of age story"If you could sum up Polishing Jade in three words, what would they be?What a great book for all ages! My 14 year old daughter and I listened to this book at eh same time and didn't put it down. Polishing Jade is a coming of age story set in the 60s in the South, where races are still segregated. This book does have mature content, so I wouldn't recommend it for anyone under age 13. Everything happens to Jade--she's poor, has a father who drinks too much, a sick mom, and an adult who gives her too much "attention".Author Ms. MAnning does a masterful job of defining Jade's character as vulnerable yet strong and determined; the narrator does a phenomenal job of voicing all characters, but especially Jade.Who was your favorite character and why?Jade was the most prominent voice in this book, and really well developed. That said, all characters were terrific. I particularly liked the woman who took in Jade when she left home.Which scene was your favorite?What I loved the most about this book was its beauty in its simplicity. The language is simple yet very descriptive and thus did a beautiful job of seeing Jade in the south in the 60s.Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?My favorite scene was at then end, when Jade gets her fairytale ending (no spoilers here!).Any additional comments?It's a terrific listen for anyone intrigued by the South in the 60s.

  • Teressa
    2019-05-27 15:44

    Bittersweet"Polishing Jade" was a very sweet and meaningful book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's set in a small farming community in Braxton, Mississippi, population 32. Jade's real name is Clara Marie but her mother called her Jade for her big, dark green gemmy eyes. This story was also a gem. I was impressed by the almost poetic, colorful prose as well as the depth of the characters in contrast to the length of the audiobook.Whenever she finds herself in a sticky situation with nowhere to go, she turns to Miss Ellen who scoops her right up and takes care of her. Her mom is gone and her dad remarries a selfish woman. With her brother Johnny having moved to Kansas to live with their uncle, she decides to move there also because back home, no one would ever understand her secret.This is a stunning book that will keep you listening straight through. Written by Tekoa Manning and narrated by Felisha Caldeira, this one goes into my 'favorite' category. I would definitely recommend scooping this one up.Felisha Caldeira is an Amazing narrator. One of the best I've heard with her southern drawl. Her voice epitomizes Jade and really brings her character to life. Her performance was flawless and I hope to listen to more of her work in the future. The author as well. An outstanding job.Audiobook received in exchange for an unbiased review.

  • Valerie
    2019-06-03 18:39

    LOVED IT!What an incredibly beautifully written story! Tekoa has such grace and poise with words that the feel of the story seems so classic - like something I'd have read in High School for lit class because of both its story and timeless writing quality. Keep up the beautiful work, Tekoa. You have a gift with words and you characters like Jade are very fleshed out and real. It was as if I was there by her side the entire time, sitting on her shoulder.

  • Hollisa Alewine
    2019-05-28 18:29

    The author deals with topics that many religious folks avoid, yet Scripture describes in great detail. Life is bitter and unpredictable, especially for the most defenseless among us. The Scripture takes time to prescribe healthy sexual relationships and familial obligations, yet too frequently those boundaries are violated by predators who silence victims through shame or force. Having worked in law enforcement for 23 years, I recognized the abusers and predators in this novel, and I wish that that it was required reading for inmates. Many of them are victims of abuse themselves, and instead of looking for redemption from Yeshua, they become what they hated. Tekoa Manning does a wonderful job of describing the victim's thoughts, feelings, and process of working through her dilemma. I think I would know Jade if I ever met her, but maybe not, because the writer left me feeling that the adult Jade would be transformed by love and finding healthy relationships.

  • A. Sines
    2019-06-08 16:35

    Three things: 1. I listened to the audible narration.2. I received a free copy of the audible version for an honest review.3. I actually gave it 3.5 stars (Mainly because it's not the kind of book that falls within my many varied tastes, it did not grip me in the way it did for other readers. I felt it to be a bit too soft.) Interestingly, while I usually round down for a 3.5, I rounded up for this one.Polishing Jade is a story of a girl who finds comfort in her religion while facing one hardship after another. The title is more than appropriate. Yes, Jade begins as an innocent. The stormy times in her life rip that away, leaving her raw and exposed. The people that come into her life and bless her, leave her shining and beautiful by the end.This story is a contradiction to the more contemporary settings where the female protagonist seems to invite more and more drama into the story just to pull the reader along. Actually, I don’t know if that is a sign of the times. Once, a girl could call on her Faith, be guided by good Samaritans, and have the ease of trusting others. Now, similar stories drive the protagonist to make questionable safety and unsteady ethical choices, which while making an interesting tale, does not give the reader any sense that the world around them is safe.In these times, where the public looks upon the South as violent rednecks, it is refreshing to be reminded of a time and place where stories like these were much more common. “Southern Hospitality” is a matter of pride, and has been for a very long time. Polishing Jade shows us that where there are hard times (pretty much no matter where you are) there are special people out there willing to help.The narrator has a soft, general southern accent. It is not indicative of a specific place in the south. Speaking as someone from Mississippi where some accents can feel like nails on a chalkboard, Felisha Caldeira does a good job keeping an even keel throughout her performance.

  • Terri
    2019-05-25 20:49

    I read this story in audio format via I always choose the audio's first as the narrators tend to breath life into the stories, like a heart beat. Audio books also allow us to read and still be hands free to do other things like walking, work, drive, clean etc...This story is set deep in a rural town of Mississippi back in the 60's. Back when abuse was common in families and being an unwed mother was unacceptable.Jade was born to a poor family where dad got drunk and beat mom for years. One day mom got sick and was diagnosed with lung cancer. Then it was just Dad with Jade and her older brother John. Dad met another woman, one who liked to party and they had parties at Jade's house every weekend. One night, one of Dad's friends appeared in Jade's bedroom. He had always been a little too friendly for Jade's comfort. Follow along with Jade as she travels on her journey to escape from that horrible life and makes a new life for herself. This story has adventure, abuse, religion and even love in it. The difference a life can be when strangers take a young girl into their hearts and home. The author, Tekoa Manning did a good job writing this story. I feel she captured the way of life from way back when very well along with actions and reaction. The plot is excellent with so many different turns in this story. It has a little too much religion in it for my taste, but still a very good book. The narrator, Felisha Caldeira did a good job delivering this story to us too with her different voices and emotions. I feel she did an excellent job with dad's voice and emotions! Definitely a 5 star read!

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-19 12:40

    Jade is the story of a young girl who lives through rough times and makes mistakes. Her mistakes build one on another until she doesn't know how she will ever fix all things that are wrong in her life. Jade is also a story of hope and second chances and finding family when the one you were born with doesn't work anymore. This is a wonderful first novel from a promising new author!

  • Ruthe Griffin
    2019-06-12 15:34

    Book reviewI enjoyed this book because some parts reminds me of my childhood. I likej that it shore there is forgiveness at the foot of the cross.

  • Tekoa Manning
    2019-05-24 12:42