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When fear of a fire forces Bennet sisters Elizabeth and Jane into compromised situations, both sisters concede they must marry. The trouble is, Mr. Bingley is honor bound to offer for Elizabeth, as Mr. Darcy is to offer for Jane. Can our two favorite Pride and Prejudice couples untangle themselves? Find out in Entanglements of Honor, a Pride and Prejudice variation novellaWhen fear of a fire forces Bennet sisters Elizabeth and Jane into compromised situations, both sisters concede they must marry. The trouble is, Mr. Bingley is honor bound to offer for Elizabeth, as Mr. Darcy is to offer for Jane. Can our two favorite Pride and Prejudice couples untangle themselves? Find out in Entanglements of Honor, a Pride and Prejudice variation novella. Entanglements of Honor is a Pride and Prejudice variation novella of approximately 38,000 words. ...

Title : entanglements of honor a pride prejudice variation
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entanglements of honor a pride prejudice variation Reviews

  • Debbie Brown
    2019-07-03 14:44

    Now, here's a new twist: In escaping a smoke-filled Netherfield where Jane is ill and Elizabeth is there to nurse her, Darcy and Jane are compromised when he bursts into her bedroom, has to assist her from the house to an empty stable but can't leave her because she's sick and shivering and not warmly dressed. Meanwhile, Elizabeth finds herself compromised because she is closed into a room protected from the smoke alone with Bingley. As gentleman of honor, Darcy and Bingley are both willing to do the right thing even though it partners them with the wrong women. The ladies come to an agreement between the two of them, the gentlemen do the same, and Mr. and Mrs. Bennet come to Netherfield to find both daughters engaged. Once special licenses are obtained, the weddings are set for the following Wednesday. Naturally, Caroline and her sister do their best to dissuade the gentlemen. The only thing more horrifying to Caroline than having Jane as her sister-in-law is the thought of having Eliza as her sister-in-law. Of course, she doesn't want Darcy to marry anyone but her.This is a fresh idea and very entertaining. It leans toward lightness rather than angst despite the forced marriage scenario. The writing generally is quite good despite several instances of "complementing" instead of "complimenting" and a handful of similar errors.

  • Sheila Majczan
    2019-07-05 10:49

    4.5 starsAs Debbie B. has summarized the story so well in her review I won't belabor the point. Jane and Elizabeth are compromised by Darcy and Bingley during the event of a clogged chimney and then a smoke filled house necessitating a rescue. Both men and both women do realize how the rescue situations have forced the issue of the need for marriage but they also are intelligent and sensitive enough to work out a happy least for one couple.Darcy may be viewed as arrogant and full of disdain beginning with his comment at the Assembly Dance about how Elizabeth is "tolerant but not handsome enough to tempt" him but in not only working to address this compromise situation but also in attempting to find as much regard for the happiness of others in such wins the readers’ hearts. He even hints during negotiations that Elizabeth’s opinion on the marriage date, etc. should be consulted. Imagine how that might sit with Elizabeth when she later learns of it. This gentleman gives her some choices, i.e., where to travel to after the wedding, what his first gift to her might consist of, etc. He won my heart just in those gestures. And then he gives her time to adjust to the situation.There are some moments of friction. Collins has his role to play and he goes even further than in canon in putting forth how he thinks all should bow to what will please his patroness. Lady Catherine is a FORCE…almost an irresistible force, when she gets a few hints, and pays for others, as to just what the state of this marriage is. I was very pleased with Darcy’s “overhearing” Lady C. and Elizabeth speak to each other. It hastened the realization of emotions on the part of one. Then Mary’s speaking up in regards to Mr. Collins’ purpose at Longbourn was a surprise, but not an unwelcome one. My heart went out to her as she itemized all her efforts to find a place in her family and in her community. As she, in the background, finds a role for herself I was applauding her. She is overlooked too often.So this is a short read but one I found completely satisfying. Darcy and Elizabeth forever!

  • Talia
    2019-07-10 16:08

    Loved it! The best part is that this is the first book I have read by this author so I have more to look forward to in the future. Even my husband liked this storyline.

  • Nicole
    2019-07-09 07:59

    A quick enjoyable read.

  • Eliza Baum
    2019-07-05 10:07

    Re-read 5/17/17I needed something quick and easy, and this was just the thing. It was cute the second time around, too.Original read 2/22/16Fun story! I really enjoyed the method used to compromise Elizabeth and was amused that it included Jane, too, since that's not typical. I liked seeing Elizabeth and Darcy get to know one another, and their courtship was pleasant and believable. My only real complaint is that the story was far too short, because there was potential to do a lot more with this setup.

  • Leslie
    2019-06-30 11:53

    This is a truly unique twist that made me wonder if the Taliban took their guidelines from Regency England. During what turns out not to be a fire at Netherfield Mr. Darcy rescues Miss Bennet and carries her to the stables and remains with her to keep her warm; while Lizzy rescues an unconscious Bingley and drags him to the closest room to save him from smoke inhalation ... and thus both Ladies are compromised... Saudi Journalist: Religious Police Made 15 School Girls Burn to Death Because They Were Not Wearing Hijabs sets of potential spouses agree to swap so Bingley & Jane can HEA. Lizzy is not trilled to be marrying a man who merely finds her tolerable but she has little recourse. It isn't until after the wedding that Mr. Darcy learns that she is not at all in favor of him. And the set a schedule to fulfill their marital obligations. At Pemberley Lizzy struggles to find her way; learns about Wickham and battles Lady Catherine.

  • Charlene
    2019-07-08 08:51

    Entanglements indeed!This short story starts out at Netherfield with Jane sick and Elizabeth tending her. What happens is a little hilarious and diverting! In Miss Bingley's effort to impress everyone, she orders the fireplace in the ballroom to be lit to make sure it will sufficiently warm the room. Well this causes chaos because the chimney is blocked and it sends smoke all through Netherfield. Unfortunately everyone thinks there's a fire and in a mad dash to get everyone out Darcy compromises Jane and Lizzy compromises Mr Bingley. What are they to do? Lovely diverting short story you will love. Absolutely a must read. I loved this story!

  • Carol Perrin
    2019-07-09 09:55

    Entanglements of HonorThis story could have been a disaster if two people didn't think of this switch. After Caroline Bingley had a huge fire built up in the ballroom, no one bothered to check the stack. Billowing smoke filled the house rather quickly and Darcy headed servants and others out. He remembers Jane is too sick to make it outside on her own so he picks her up and carries ba her to the barn. Charles not knowing Jane is out of the building goes back to get her. When he sees that she was not there, backtracking he finds Elizabeth. As they're running, Bingley falls and knocks himself out. Elizabeth drags him to a small room by the steps, and finally not seeing anyone outside, yells for help. As soon as everyone is safe, the footman found there was not a fire just the jammed stack. That evening, as Elizabeth and Jane are discussing what has happened, Jane cries because she pulls Bingley not Darcy. Elizabeth States if the men agree, Jane can marry Bingley and because Elizabeth loves her so she'll marry Darcy. The men in the meantime are discussing the same problem. Bingley sighed that he loved Jane and was about to ask her to marry him. Darcy suggests the switch, he would marry Elizabeth, which he relished. With all that happened between the four, Caroline was besides herself. Everyone I'm sure you can imagine. Special licenses were applied for awhile Darcy was in London. When returns, he realizes that Elizabeth is not in love with him as much as he loves Elizabeth. Collins and Mad marry quickly also. In three days they marry, and on the way to Pemberley, he tells he she has four weeks to get used to him, because he needs an heir. The couple spends most of their time together. Darcy's friend from Cambridge, was killed in an accident and the younger writes for his help. While he is away, Lady Catherine comes to Pemberley and threatens she'll have this marriage annulled because she knows they have not consummated their marriage. When Lady Catherine wants to know where Darcy was, everyone was mute on the subject. The next day Lady Catherine again threatens Elizabeth offering her £20.000 to leave Darcy. She tells her that that would never because she loves and he loves her. As she continues to berate Elizabeth, Darcy had heard everything she has confronted Elizabeth with, and Lady Catherine's last question was answered by Darcy. Then and there, he had her packed and gone. Darcy was extremely happy since their actual wedding night was going to happen just two weeks after he made the offer for a month. The three bad musketeers failed in their efforts. Wickham was especially not happy when Lydia confronts him. Tucked his tail between his legs and ran from Meryton, but more important the military. The Colonel will just have to find him!

  • Katherine
    2019-07-06 08:48

    A fire at Netherfield leaves Jane rescued by Darcy and Bingley by Elizabeth. Honor bound both men must marry the wrong woman. Will the sisters be doomed to marry the wrong men? Will they fall in love with their husbands when they marry in haste? Loved this story to Darcy's place in Elizabeth's heart and would have loved the novel to be longer and delve into the depth of emotions, conversations and events prior to the wedding and post wedding. Great potential for a longer novel but great quick read!

  • Madenna U
    2019-07-21 12:10

    Very interesting premise for the story line! Great short story.

  • Beth
    2019-07-17 14:10

    Good adaptationThis story starts with Jane sick at Netherfield and Elizabeth with her. Caroline has a fire started in the ballroom but no one noticed the chimney was blocked. Bingley falls and is unconscious and Elizabeth drags him in a room and blocks the bottom of the door from smoke. Darcy carried Jane out to the stable and stays with her due to her aggressive coughing. Of course the women are compromised. Its fun watching them sort out who is marrying who because Bingley and Jane are in love. Of course, Mrs Bennet believes that because Jane is pretty she deserves the richest man.Lady Catherine shows up at Pemberley in all her vile nastiness.Its fun.

  • Michelle
    2019-07-17 11:48

    I didn't find the idea of switching men that had compromised the ladies believable. I did like the story once Elizabeth and Darcy got to Pemberley. She was very caring of the tenants. Good story.

  • Susan
    2019-06-24 16:10

    Another Pride and Prejudice variation that I have such great fun reading! While the story line wascompletely different, the author beautifully realized her Elizabeth and Darcy in keeping with Jane Austen's original creations.

  • J. W. Garrett
    2019-07-15 14:51

    Where there’s smoke, there’s… no fire, only compromise: 4-starsWith a house full of smoke, everyone attempted to exit Netherfield Park and the two gentlemen suddenly found they had compromised its two visitors from Longbourn. Only one little problem, Darcy was with Miss Jane Bennet and Bingley was with Miss Elizabeth Bennet. The gentlemen, upon realizing the situation, send a note to Mr. Bennet and then determined what was to be done. Bingley was visibly upset that he would not have his Jane so Darcy suggested that he would take Elizabeth. Unknown to them, the two ladies were discussing the same thing upstairs. Jane was visibly upset that she would not have her Bingley so Elizabeth suggested that she would take Darcy.When Mr. and Mrs. Bennet arrived there was not a lot to be said; the girls were compromised. Mrs. Bennet was overjoyed when she considered the wealth her Jane would have. Her joy was short lived when both girls insisted they would not marry the gentlemen. They declared that nothing improper had happened and surely their reputations would not be ruined. Chaos prevailed and they were assured that the scandal would affect not only them but their sisters’ prospects as well if they did not marry. All seemed lost until it was revealed that Jane loved Bingley and Bingley loved Jane. It was apparent that at least one couple would be happy. After the weddings we move to Pemberley where the rest of the story continued. I love how the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth developed. Her feelings had a long road to travel in order for her to begin to appreciate, and then to like and finally to be in love her new husband. Darcy was so good about giving her time to get to know him. I love their interactions. He was intrigued as she was unlike any woman he had ever known. To her, his wealth was nothing. It was not until the visit from Lady Catherine that our story came to a head. OMG!!! Lady C. was awful and worse than canon, if you can believe it. She was delicious in her venom and spite. Please read it just to see what happened. Oh what a wonderful conclusion. I loved the epilogue as it wrapped up the story and brought it back to the beginning—with a fireplace in a ballroom. It was so fitting. There are several excellent reviews that explain the plot, story line, errors and such, so no need for me to repeat. This was a quick read, low level angst, and a final HEA. I enjoyed the journey.

  • EM Clark
    2019-07-10 09:57

    Bravo!I have read 500+ page books that told less of a story than this and I must say I am truly impressed. While a short read, it had a thorough and intriguing storyline that held insight into character's feelings and respected the means for their evolution. If you yourself are a writer, I suggest this being a good piece to study in the effectual practice of being complete and interesting but succinct. Either way, a must read.

  • Kim
    2019-07-01 09:07

    A novella length variation that has our couples mixed up at the start...Jane with Darcy and Elizabeth with Bingley, through no fault of their own. Things are soon set to rights and it becomes a cute but short tale of Elizabeth falling in love with Darcy after the marriage. And Lady Catherine gets to be eminently useful once again.

  • Tamra
    2019-07-20 07:45

    Very clever!This was such a clever little P&P variation! The premise seemed a bit silly but turned out to be perfect! I loved how Elizabeth learned of Wickham and his true character, from the people around Pemberley and not Darcy. The only thing that could make it better is if it were longer and more in depth. Definitely a worthwhile read if you're into P&P variations!

  • Megan Goodman
    2019-07-15 12:09

    Fun variationThis was a short story, so it doesn't get too in depth on Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship. The plot was simple and well written. I enjoyed this book. It was a fun little read.

  • Laura
    2019-07-21 16:06

    Overall very enjoyable and well written. I especially liked the first half of the book where the story is set up. I felt, however, that Elizabeth and Darcy's falling in love was very rushed and could have done with another 100 pages of fleshing out.

  • Sandra Gebhard
    2019-07-14 15:09

    Short & funI'd read this one again just for Mary's conversation at dinner!!! I would have liked it to be a little longer just cause....